Private insurance companies and cheap Viagra

One of the issues at stake with regard to cost had to do with the number of pills contained in a prescription. Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs that have to be taken in specific doses a certain number of times a days, Viagra is a useas – needed medication. So both Medicaid and private insurance companies that would cover cheap Viagra had to decide on what constitutes an appropriate supply. The military allows no more than six pills a month.J – ? In the New York Times, Robert Pear writes that Pfizer “suggests covering pills a month if states insist on a limit. But some states have set lower limits. Florida, for example, pays for pills a month. ” In Newsweek, Daniel McGinn reports that, according to Pfizer’s market research director, the subject of how many pills could send messages about what “a ‘normal’ sex life” is. As result, Pfizer made no recommendations initially, but felt compelled to do so once insurance became an issue. Cigna Healthcare decided to limit the pre – scription to six pills a month “based on estimates of an average couple’s needs.”
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